Monday, November 12, 2012

White Space

Bus stops are all about small talk.
"How's the weather?"
"What is your dogs name?"
"How old is Suzy?"
It's all fluff, meaningless chatter to fill the noise. Silence is scary, because of the unknown. But what's unknown about it? What makes the unknown scary?
To me, silence is possibility. While it is fun to fill silence with noise, or sound, it's more fun to sit quietly. Silence is space to dream, to let thoughts expand and grow free from the pressures of noise.

Silence is the white wall of the world. Some people detest white walls in their homes- everything must be color, to make the space feel more "welcome." White walls are beautiful in their own right, full of possibility and promise.

Silence is dream space, and promise, and imagination, and maybe THAT'S what people are truly scared of.

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  1. I am enjoying a quiet evening at home now that Wyle is asleep and Bri is at a Steelers game, and I have to say, it feels so nice! I miss all the quiet time I had before the baby, but I just know I have to raise her to enjoy silence, too, just like us! Lovely post, my dear. Somehow I missed (or forgot, my entire brain seems to have gone on hiatus this year) your blog! I am off to read the rest of it. Love ya!