Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This time of year leaves are everywhere. They blow into gutters, and yards, and are generally seen as nuisances. Yesterday, I looked them in a whole new way. I had never really seen a child play in a pile of leaves. The excitement, and shrieks of delight were audible from nearly everywhere. This little girl, perhaps 3 years of age, was having the time if her life with her newfound toy. She would bury herself in the red, orange, and gold leaves and then pop suddenly up in an attempt to surprise all of her enthralled onlookers. She would pick up an armful, and then throw them as she spun around, laughing as they flew towards us in the wind. It was such pure, simple, unadulterated fun. And I had been missing it. I was more concerned with the clutter leaves caused than the beauty they created.

It seems as though this is something I should learn from. This year especially, it seems much harder to give thanks, and honestly mean it. It's so much easier to be caught up in the mindless trudging and coping that takes over our lives, instead if the simple pleasures that slip by daily. This year, I've decided to look for the beauty, and count all the blessing that I can find. This year I've decided to play in the leaves.

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