Monday, April 23, 2012

"If you want to have fun, play Candyland."

This one's for you, Popsicle!

"If you want to have fun, play Candyland."

Last week I learned the value of being a heartless real-estate tycoon. The values are as follows:

  1. All the money you want
  2. Property in exotic locations
  3. The ability to make people do anything you want

All this really means is that we played Monopoly, I was bankrupt, and I have yet to figure out how to purchase the little house thingys.

So I was miserable. And the above quotation was my Popsicle's response to me.

On a totally different note- last week I also discovered the amazing potential of snack machines.

I had never actually used one until last week, and then I caved to my hungry, stressed (it is finals week after all!!) teenage body and bought a cinnamon roll. I was horrified to find that the change from the $5 bill I put in was returned to me in quarters. Who needs 16 quarters rolling around in a pocket? If you put them in a pants pocket, it'll sag your jeans so low and jingle so loudly that you'll look and sound like a rapper. And really, who needs that? So then, mainly to help eliminate my quaters, I bought something else.

And then I realized I had fallen into the trap of the snack machines.

It is literally the perfect scheme!!

I felt so guilty about my noisy walking that I felt the need to spend more money, buy another unhealthy snack, and generally ruin my plans for healthy living. They're out to sabotage my good intentions!!

The main lesson from last week? Although snack machines may look friendly, they are in fact devilish monsters who spit quarters at you.

Beware good people, beware.........

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